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28 years old
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Physically I am a human male while inside my kin is that of a primordial "deitykin" or however the term works in these communities. I have no purpose for my incarnation simply to experience this life. I have been into psionics and magic(k) for 13-14 years and going so since I was 8 years old. I have gone through self readings along with multiple readings from multiple psychics that have seen the same. I work with divination through my tarot cards as well as work with ethereal projection. I am not a starseed rather am an otherkin.

Things discovered and confirmed and confirmed by self and multiple psychics:


Sire of sethian vampires

Sentinel/Annunaki otherkin

Hekau (one who practices Heka)

Things I have learned down my Journey:

Astral projection to the mental plane (where thoughtforms reside)

Mental projection to the dreamscape

Ethereal projection to the "spiritual" plane (a plane where other beings reside)

Soul diving (don't do that often)

Energy Manipulation/Energy reading (don't do that often)

~Any questions don't hesitate to ask.~

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