Welcome to the Siren's Cove!!!

Mermaids, the beautiful, unfathomable, fabled marine creature that girls all over the world long to be. A mermaid is many things, mysterious, secretive, vicious, intelligent, beautiful just to name a few. Being a mermaid is one of the most personal, wonderful things that could ever happen to anyone. And this website is for those longing to be a mermaid, for those who feel that mermaids is a part of their soul. Here, focus on what we like to call the shifting method. This method was made famous by a user KissingMidnight, who had successfully shifted her tail. So if you are here to do those "I am a mermaid" spin around and clap 3 times spells that never work, look elsewhere. Being a mermaid is just simply beautiful, and we hope that you will be able to share the amazing journey with us!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the site owner, Iridessa, or any of the admins, Astra, Maddiee, Rhea, Jade, Hope, Violet, Celeste, Lolanthe, Imena, Aonessa, Aisha, or Anna. Please also read the rules below!!!

"Mermaid" is used here on the front page as who we are, but if you are a male you can become a merman, we are not just girls here! 


1. First and foremost, and probably the most important rule, if you are under the age of 14, please do not join The Siren's Cove. This website is designed for mature audiences, the majority of it's members are anywhere from 16-21, and there is mature language and content. So this is the official disclaimer, we are not responsible for any innocence lost, or anything you may see, because again, the content is age restricted. 

No Trolling: Listen, we get that mermaids are a far out concept, and if you don't believe in them, that's great, but don't bring that negativity here! 

3. No Drama/Bullying: We are going to have to ask you to keep drama and bullying out of the Siren's Cove. The Cove is a very peaceful place, and drama damages the mermaid's self esteem! :(

3. Be Wary of Mature Content: The majority of the mermaids here at the cove are in their late teens, so for the younger mermaids/guppies, please be aware that there will be some mature content.

4. This is NOT a Rolelplaying Site: Like we said, the concept of mermaids is pretty out there, but this is not a roleplaying site, so if you are a mermaid roleplayer, please stay away! This is for girls who actually want to become mermaids through magick and spiritual energy, so we may return to home, the sea. 

5. Do not join the website if you are a part of any associations with anti-AWTOK. It's not real, and we don't need to scare our little fishes on here. :) 

6. If you're just joining, then before you post on the forums, read the whole site, blogs, and back a bit in the forums. A lot of your questions are probably answered there, or have already been asked on the forums and you can just *bump* it.

                                       Thank you!

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I work very very hard to keep this website having as much content as it does, so if you can, sending some money to show your support would be nice!

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